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2022-23 School Year Registration / Registracion para el Año Escolar 2022-2023

Registration and Online Registration is now open for the 2022-2023 school year. Please visit our registration page for more details.

Registraciones para el año escolar 2022-2023 ya estan disponible en internet y en las escuelas.

Visite nuestra pagina de registracion para mas informacion.


  • Public Notice Air Pollution Control

    February 8, 2022

    To: All Parents/Guardians of Students Attending Emmet S. Finley Elementary School

    From: Imperial County Air Pollution Control District

    Re: Public Notice and Request for Comments for the installation of a backup generator

    The Imperial County Air Pollution Control District has received an application from Blossom Valley Investor, LLC for the installation and operation of a new emergency diesel powered generator, which will be located at 708 E 5th St., Holtville, CA. 92250. California Health & Safety Code Sec. 42301.6 requires that the Air District prepare a public notice and notify affected parties prior to approving an application for a permit to construct for a source which emits hazardous air emissions within 1,000 feet from the outer boundary of a school. This notice is being sent to the parents and guardians of all children enrolled in schools within one-quarter mile of the proposed facility. Included is Emmet S. Finley Elementary School, as well as all addresses within 1,000 feet of the proposed facility.

    The proposed emergency diesel powered generator could emit air contaminants, which the State of California has identified as hazardous. The law does not specify a threshold risk level, therefore all new sources of hazardous air contaminants must be noticed regardless of whether or not they will have an adverse effect on human health and the environment. The emissions of hazardous pollutants associated with this project are not considered to be significant and should pose no considerable threat to students and faculty.

    The proposed project, consisting of the installation and operation of a new emergency diesel generator, has been fully reviewed by the Air Pollution Control Officer. It is expected to operate in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Air District. The project is not expected to pose a significant health threat to the community.

    The application and supporting documentation may be examined at the office of the Imperial County Air Pollution Control District, located at 150 South 9th Street in El Centro, CA. Written comments regarding the proposed project will be received by the Air District for a period of 30 days upon distribution of this notice. Verbal comments or questions may also be submitted to APC Engineer Ramon Angulo at (442) 265-1800. All comments will be examined before a final decision is made.

    Official letter can be found below:

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