dual immersion program seal

The Holtville Unified School District has been the leader in the quest for preparing all students for the global future through Dual Language instruction. The Holtville Unified School District Dual Language Program was established in the Fall of 2008 and has been in effect since that time promoting and extending bi-literacy to approximately 300 students. H.U.S.D. understands how learning a second language can stimulate the brain to develop higher level reasoning and critical thinking skills that are needed to meet the Common Core State Standards. The program empowers students to achieve the highest academic, social, and linguistic skills and gives them valuable assets now and for future success.

The Dual Program in the Holtville Unified School District is a 50/50 program which provides 50% of the day’s instruction in English and 50% of the day’s instruction in Spanish. All students are provided instruction in English Language Arts and Math in English and Spanish Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are provided in Spanish. Students in the program come from diverse backgrounds with 50% being English Only students and 50% being English Learner students. A primary goal of the program is for students to have academic achievement at or above grade level with the ability to think, speak, read and write fluently in two languages. Students are provided the opportunity to learn a second language without losing their primary language or culture.

The Dual Language Program provides students with various opportunities to learn the Spanish language and develop a love for the rich cultures that speak Spanish throughout the world. Our mission is to have every student take pride in their native language and culture while embracing that of others. Students participate in cultural activities in the Zclassroom and on campus that promote cultural diversity and tolerance.

The pathways program that students participate in allows all Dual students the opportunity to receive the Seal of Bi-literacy and prepare for their global future. The school staff works diligently to ensure that all students are provided rigorous curriculum and instruction in English and Spanish. It is the goal of the Holtville Unified School District that every student be provided various opportunities and experiences to expand their knowledge and use that knowledge to become productive global citizens.